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Dog grooming has to do with much more than making your dog look pretty. It is actually essential to their health and comfort.

The importance of brushing and combing your dog

Imagine how your head feels when your pony tail is too tight, or when you get a knot in your hair. It hurts and probably gives you a migraine, making you rather uncomfortable for some time. This is how a dog feels when he or she has a mat in their hair… and imagine having more than one of them!

By simply combing and brushing your dog regularly you can eliminate the pain of mats forever.  Not only does brushing your dog make him feel better but they also enjoy being brushed and spending quality time with you.

How often should you brush your dog? Well, it depends on your dog’s breed. Here is some advice:

  • Long-haired dogs: Typically require daily brushing.
  • Medium-haired dogs: At the minimum, weekly brushing.
  • Short-haired dogs: Usually, monthly brushing will do.

Don’t let these guidelines stop you from brushing your dog daily though. They love it, and it also helps to brush daily during shedding season to prevent hair from building up.

The importance of nail clipping

Have you noticed that your dog’s nails grow in curved? If you haven’t, now you know.

This is an important fact to know because if you allow your pet’s nails to grow too long it will cause their fingers and toes to twist when the dog walks. This can ultimately lead to broken fingers and toes. Regular nail clipping can prevent this, as well as, reduce the risk of torn nails. It can also save on wear and tear of your floors and carpeting.

The importance of ear cleaning

While some dog breeds will be just fine with one monthly ear cleaning other types are predisposed to ear diseases and require multiple cleanings per day. Dogs with floppy ears, like my Chocolate Labrador, is one of the unfortunate breeds so he requires extra ear cleanings.

Many ear problems are a sign of allergies. If your dog has excess debris or foul odor in his ears, your veterinarian will likely prescribe special ear cleaners and medications.

Proper grooming also involves bathing and hair cutting, but for today, we’re only touching on the above topics. And one last tip: Make sure you start grooming your dog as soon as you get him as a puppy. The longer you wait to begin grooming your dog the harder it is going to be to train them to sit through it.

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