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Salon Bark is not your father’s groomer. Actually, we’re more like Henri Bendel’s.

The days of your dog just getting their hair cut are over. From the moment your dog prances in they get a true spa pampering.

We are a passionate and experienced team of stylists who care deeply about the dogs we groom and the owners who love them. Our certified groomers pride themselves on making your dog look gorgeous, and uphold the highest standards.

While we do ensure your dog looks beautiful by the time they walk out, we know it’s not just about how your dog looks but also how your dog feels. At Salon Bark, we care about both.


Our Services

Hand Scissoring

Hand scissoring separates the dog groomers from the dog stylists. This technique is not just for show dogs; at Salon Bark we craft dogs hair styles in this manner regularly. So what is hand scissoring exactly? Instead of just shaving and/or trimming the dog with clipper blades, the stylist hand cuts the dog’s hair in order to bring balance to your pet’s style. Our job is to make your dog look its best and hand scissoring is just one of the ways we do it.

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is for rough-coated or wired-haired dog breeds, and it is the proper grooming method for most Terriers and Cocker Spaniels. Rather than cutting with clippers, the hair is removed with a stripping knife or stone. The process is painless as long as it is done correctly. Hand stripping maintains the coat’s integrity.

Therapeutic skin treatments

Dog skin problems and dog skin disorders may show one or more of the following symptoms:
Brown, black or grey discoloration
Chronic inflammation of the inner ear canal
Foul odor to the skin
Greasy coat
Hair loss
Itching- mild to severe, meaning blood is drawn
Large brown flakes
Pimples and blisters that may discharge blood or pus
Redness and irritation
Scabs or crusts
Skin flaking, resembling dandruff
Very dry skin
Dog Warts

Medicated Baths

Medicated baths range from flea dips to baths for skin irritation conditions such as seborrhea (oily or redness). Skin problems can lead to more serious illnesses so it is important to make sure your dog gets regular baths.

Nail Care

The importance of nail clipping

Have you noticed that your dog’s nails grow in curved? If you haven’t, now you know.

This is an important fact to know because if you allow your pet’s nails to grow too long it will cause their fingers and toes to twist when the dog walks. This can ultimately lead to broken fingers and toes. Regular nail clipping can prevent this, as well as, reduce the risk of torn nails. It can also save on wear and tear of your floors and carpeting.

Dental Care

Your dog’s teeth should be cleaned regularly with recommended toothpaste. Since dogs’ mouths are involved in almost all of their activities, good hygiene is vital and can affect other parts of your dog if not taken care of properly.

Corrective Hair Styling

Creative grooming opens up hundreds of other fabulous doors for your dog. Additional options include corrective coloring and painting your best friend’s nails.

Mobile Grooming

Don’t have time to visit our fabulous location? Then we can come to you in our luxury mobile spa equipped with all the fancy, state-of-the-art equipment to make your dog feel like a celeb.

*Ask for pricing on mobile grooming.


Small breeds start at $20
Medium breeds start at $30
Large breeds start at $40
*All prices subject to change based on the condition of your dog.
Small breeds start at $30
Medium breeds start at $40
Large breeds start at $50
*All prices subject to change based on the condition of your dog.
Small breeds start at $40
Medium breeds start at $50
Large breeds start at $60
*All prices subject to change based on the condition of your dog.

All packages include a soothing bath with natural, luxury shampoos, an ear cleaning, nail trimming and filing as well as anal gland expression.

Prices for a standard Poodle start at $80.


1. What do new clients need to do before coming?

Make sure your dog is healthy and has all of their shots.

2. How long will it take to get my dog groomed?

It always depends on the dog. We ask for a four-hour minimum, but if your dog is ready sooner then we will let you know.

3. What should we know about Salon Bark before dropping off our dog(s)?

We don’t cage dogs. We’re not a conveyor belt operation. If or when a dog gets stressed out, we don’t rush them. We want owners to know it’s about their dogs, not them.

4. What happens if my dog is found with fleas and ticks?

We contact you immediately and offer our holistic solutions for flea and tick treatment so you can set up an action plan for your household.

What our clients say about us

  • I've taken my Maltese to get groomed and they gave him the cutest cut ever!! His face just looks adorable. I also like the front section with its boutique items for me and my pooch. The organic treats section is also nice and they make custom cakes now if you're into celebrating your dogs birthday (I know I am!)
    Daisy P.
  • Very friendly. I feel like they genuinely care about my dog Simon.
    Monique P.
  • After taking Jasmine & Tami to a popular Groomer in Davie for the last 3 years who recently cut Jasmine's belly so bad it became infected and had grossly misgroomed my girls and or claimed they were bathed when they weren't, I finally made the switch to Salon Bark today. Danielle and Joanne run a very professional and respectable establishment. When we arrived this morning Danielle took the time to write down a full history both medical and grooming and did something that no one else has ever done in the past.....she "listened". These ladies are not only personal friends but as a consumer I have to say that they provide OUTSTANDING customer service. Their Groomers did such a fantastic job and this is the most relaxed I have ever seen the girls after a grooming that I have ever seen. They look BEAUTIFUL!!!! For a GREAT experience please visit Salon Bark. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Danielle and Joanne. You Rock!!!!!!
    Ian Rothenberg
  • I was in your shop last Friday and bought three tops and a pair of earrings at the last minute. Well.....I wore the greenish top and matching earrings Friday night in Georgia and received many compliments. My spur of the moment earring purchase even caught the eye of a waitress (and not ours). Thank you! I will be back! Also, I hope the little sick dog is still as comfortable as he can be--thank you for looking after him!
    Mary W.
  • I love how professional she runs and keeps the place! Great job ! Keep up the great work!
    Dominick Casale
  • Best shop ever!
    Eva Ward