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How to choose the best dog bed

One night I decided to invite my more than 100 pound Chocolate Labrador into bed with me, and he hasn’t left since.

Since then I have not been able to get him to sleep on the couch, where he used to reside, and when I try to lock the door on him he whines and tries to open the door.

While I love Buddy to death I do not like having little to no room in my comfy Queen size bed. There just isn’t enough room for the two of us so I decided to get him a dog bed so amazing he wouldn’t be able to resist it.

Guess what? It worked, and now, Buddy sleeps on the floor in his big comfy bed and I get to enjoy mine. Here is a list of important things to consider when choosing a bed your dog will love.

Ask yourself questions before shopping.

  • Does your dog curl up into a ball or love to lean against something soft?
  • Does your dog sprawl out or like to circle around making a “nest” of his bed?
  • Or does your dog lie on his stomach?
  • What size is your dog? How much does he or she weigh?
  • Does your dog have special health considerations? 
  • Does your dog spend time outdoors or in a kennel?



Obviously, comfort is the most important factor to consider when choosing a dog bed because the reason you’re purchasing a dog bed is to make your dog comfortable. How do the heck do you know what’s comfortable for your dog? You won’t know exactly, but to make it easier on yourself, consider things such as: bed material, the cushion and the size.

Breathable covers and allergy free beds are always a good way to go, like this Tuck Me In rectangular bed, which you can find at Salon Bark.


This is really more for us as the owners, but the nonetheless it is important. You have to have a chic dog bed, and it wouldn’t hurt to try to theme it with the room your putting it in.


If your dog is like Buddy then they love to stretch out, making him even bigger than he already is. Before searching for a pet bed, measure your dog from nose to tail to make sure you get the right size. On the other hand, you may have a tiny dog who loves to curl up in a ball. If that’s the case then a round, snuggle bed might be the perfect fit.

Filler amount

Just like humans, our pets’ bodies get soar from all the running, jumping and prancing around that they do so it’s important that their bed have the right amount of filler. This is really subjective – like choosing the right pillow. The perfect pillow for you probably won’t be the perfect pillow for me.

If you’re unsure of how fluffy to get the bed then just buy a dog cover and build the bed based on your dog’s filler preference.


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